If you're new to climbing or cannot belay you'll need a reservation to climb.
Please call at least 7 days in advance
so we can schedule belayers to assist you.
But, if you're an experienced climber or are stopping in to boulder (which we do
not recommend for new climbers), feel free to visit during our regular hours.

September Micro Groups

By popular demand we starting two person groups during the month of September. Check the Groups Page for more information.


CRG yoga classes are free with entry into the gym, but space is limited. Arrive early to claim your spot. More days coming in September.

  • Tuesdays 6:30 with Sarah Garaux (powerful yet playful)
    • Sarah practices a vigorous yet restorative yoga that strengthens the whole body, including muscles climbers tend to neglect.
  • Thursdays 7:30 with Gina Matteucci (slow flow with deep stretches)
    • Gine practices longer holds to help build strength followed by series of deep stretches to help release muscles and achieve increased flexibility.